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1958 Jensen 541
Thing is, we just love taking stuff apart, fixing the decay and repairing it's soul, always have done. It's our Meccano mentality.

We spend a lot of time restoring cars from the 50's and 60's and have been called "serial restorers", we're always learning and love a challenge. For our projects we look for something a little left field if possible and this quite often is a "foreigner".

Volvo, Lancia, Lambretta, Fiat. Not that we haven't a soft spot for stylish British Grand Tourers or a sporty Mini.

Love Italia

our  Projects

Lambretta Li150
Lambretta Li150

This was an itch we needed to scratch. Great fun to restore, learned plenty about 2 strokers but didn't have a licence to ride it. Who knew!


1967 Fiat 600E Fanalone
Fiat 600E

Currently completing it's full restoration.

This little beauty swaps the Turin Autostrada's for the B roads of Blighty.


Lancia Flaminia GTL
Lancia Flaminia GTL

The sublime engineering from Lancia just blew us away. Wonderfully balanced, a real drivers car which is very much missed.


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