"The lead car is unique,except for the one behind it which is identical"

Murray Walker

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Volvo Amazon 131

1969 Volvo Amazon 131

Restored by us and now sold. Faultless on continental journeys and participant in the Aviva Classic Motor Rally. 

Greatly Missed


Fiamm Air Horns

These FIAMM airhorns  from our Lancia Flaminia, were completely refurbished including the compressor and the delicious Kandy Red Trumpets.

Very Very Loud

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Lambretta LiS150

Because of our love of all things Italian we had to have a Lambretta. This Special came directly from Italy and is still a work in progress and thoroughly enjoyable.

Molto bello

Jensen 541 spares

We hold a large selection of spares for the Jensen 541 range of cars. New, NOS and Original parts. If you have parts you no longer require and  would like to sell please contact us.

West Bromwich's finest

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