Who says it's always sunny in Italy

Updated: May 27

We have made good progress with the Fiat 600 since it arrived into our workshop. The body is now stripped of it's engine, gearbox and running gear. Now our attention has turned towards replacing any body panels.

This is the rear window. The bottom section of the channel had corroded badly but luckily there are aftermarket replacement panels available. Unfortunately it did reach high enough up the channel and we had to get creative.

We had already replaced the floor along with the inner and outer sills and from some of the original panels we were able to find the small sections we needed to complete the repair.

It goes to show that you should never throw anything away until your restoration is finished.

The metal is very thin and it is very easy to burn holes into when welding. Very quick dabs with welding torch is the technique we had to adopt.

Still a long way to go but the window surround is now solid again and pinholes filled

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